Meet judges of Startup Battle at Robotics Expo 2017!

Meet judges of Startup Battle at Robotics Expo 2017!

Alexander Bakeev, Alexander Saltykov and Vitaliy Vinogradov engaged in investments will judge the Startup Battle at Robotics Expo 2017! 


Alexander Bakeev: adviser and representatives of PhilTech.   

Alexander Saltykov: investment manager at Phystech Ventures.  

Vitaliy Vinogradov: representative of Rubicon VC, expert in the educative robotics.

Expert opinions

In the interview with Robotics Expo, experts have talked about funds that they represent and reveal criteria, which they will primarily take into account while determining winners of the Startup Battle.  

Robotics Expo (RE): What funds and companies do you represent?

Alexander Bakeev (A.B.): I work for several different companies and funds.

Alexander Saltykov (A.S.): Phystech Ventures. The fund manages $50mn and focuses on technological projects in oil-gas area, power industry, robotics, and Industrial Internet of Things. Offices are based in Moscow, California, Boston, and Singapore.       

Vitaliy Vinogradov (V.V.): Rubicon VC. Our fund focuses on projects with efficient MVP, first sales, experienced team and with the global scaling opportunity.     

RE: What criteria, besides a pay-off period, do you rely upon when selecting a startup? 

A.B.: A team, set of skills, and CEO purpose. 

A.S.: Searching for the best startup is a complicated and sometimes even creative process. By the way, the ‘best’ is a crucial feature: if you don’t have the best team/technology/product, the success probability is quite low.

RE: Let’s suggest that you like a project and you are ready to support it. What can prevent you from this step?   

A.B.: The team’s poor motivation, corporate conflicts, founders’ doubts regarding their idea and self-distrust.  

A.S.: There is a range of stop factors. Generally, it is a market size (establishing a maximum edge of potential income and, correspondingly, investor’s profitability), poor value offer or its absence (a project solves a non-existing problem), inappropriate stage (one should not attend venture funds just with the idea).    

V.V.: We can abandon a project because of team immaturity, inadequateness, failure to grasp investment mutual relations. Unfortunately, these aspects are quite a common phenomenon.   

RE: What would you like to hear during startup’s presentation?

A.B.: The truth. High motivation. Global ambitions confirmed by confidence.  

V.V.: Answers to the following questions: Would you like to be engaged in science or business? In what way do you want to do this? Everything should be related to these issues.  

Do not miss your chance, catch the interest of investors and, perhaps, you will be on a roll! So, register in the ‘Startup Alley’ section. Good luck!

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