Meet Russia’s First Fab Lab at Robotics Expo 2014!

Meet Russia’s First Fab Lab at Robotics Expo 2014!

Speaking of Fab Lab, people usually mean a space equipped with modern digital tools kit, which allows everyone interested to create almost any product with no limitations in shape, size or material. Idea of the ‘magic lab’ has evolved in the USA, specifically MIT, and gradually stormed the whole world, Boston to the northern shores of Norway.

First fully-functional fab lab in Russia opened in 2012 at National Research Technological University, Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys, as part of the conjoint project with MIT with the support of Moscow Department of Education.

You can discover the lab at Robotics Expo, which will take place on 27-29 if November, 2014, in ECC Sokolniki.

Each project lab has a unified kit of basic digital equipment (milling machine with big operational field, laser cutter, sensitive desktop mill, 3D printer, cutting plotter), uses standard element base of electronics and supports common open project ideology, documented in the Fab lab charter.

Visit Robotics Expo and explore Russian fab lab!

Fab lab team will present a couple of their successfully realized projects using unique digital production technologies.

Robotics Expo is the event that has unique format and focuses on business audience – people directly involved in robotics market – as well as open-minded end users interested in cutting-edge technologies and robotics.

Don’t miss it! We’ll be waiting for you in November at ECC Sokolniki!

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