Meet three judges of Startup Battle at Robotics Expo

Meet three judges of Startup Battle at Robotics Expo

Previously, we have announced you the first judge of the Startup Battle to be held on November 25 as a part of Robotics Expo. Well, meet another three experts included to the contest’s bench.


Alexander Korchevsky is a partner and head of Moscow-based office of I2BF Global Ventures. He focuses on projects related to robotics and the Internet of Things. 

Sudin is the development director at the StartON business accelerator, assisting in creating and bringing innovative products to the market. He is a marketing specialist and business analyst who has been encouraging the development of small and medium businesses for more than five years.

Vasilev is a managing partner at the Starta Capital seed venture fund. He has been engaged in IT & TelCo for 12 years and in investing for 8 years. Sergey helps startups at early stages. He is an expert in business strategies, marketing investigations, and project management.

Expert opinions

We have talked to the experts and found out what projects they prefer and things to know before registering for the Startup Battle.

What projects have you already invested in and which ones are you interested in now?

Korchevsky (A. K.): We invest in deep tech projects: from the power industry to the space and robotics. Currently, we are looking for brand new ideas in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Vladislav Sudin (V. S.): We have invested in the so-called iron projects, in other words in the production of a service robot and hydroponic green houses. We are interested in projects that can change the world!

Sergey Vasilev (S. V.): We prefer science-driven and high-tech IT projects at early stages that have a potential to enter the global market. And we keep interesting in them.

What criteria, besides a pay-off period, do you follow when choosing a startup?

A. K.: A market-product-team-required capital to gain cost recovery.

V. S.: There are a lot of criteria, but the key ones include an interesting business model and good team.

S. V.: It is surely a team.

What can prevent you from supporting a project?

A.K.: Any discharge from qualification criteria mentioned above.

V. S.: It is team’s insincerity and uncertainty that will ring alarm bells.

S. V.: Once again, the team. And the structure of shareholders.

What do you ask startupers primarily?

A. K.: How an investor can help the project except for money and what a startup is going to reach in 1-2 years.

S. V.: What do you sell, whom do you sell, and why does it matter?

What would you recommend to Startup Battle participants?

A.K.: Take risks and do not be afraid of mistakes.

V. S.: As the phrase goes: Think globally, act locally!

S. V.: Develop budget of investment expenditures.

What would you like them to tell you during presentations?

A. K.: The concept of a product and the market it is aimed at.

S. V.: We would like to discover their strategic plans for the future.

Now, you definitely know what is required to win in the Startup Battle. Fill in the participation form! Applications are accepted until November 15.

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