About Robotics Conference 2017

Robotics Conference is held NOT for engineering students and it does NOT disclose the details of creating robots from a technical standpoint. Primarily, Robotics Conference aims to fulfil the potential for the use of robots in various fields of business.

Robotics Conference aim is to unite efforts frompublic and government to solve the problem of national system of robotization.

More than 20 Russian and foreign speakers.Developers of innovative technologies, representatives of successful companies, famous futurists.

Main sections

- Service robots in agriculture: trends and solutions

- Mobile robots: from industrial logistics to information about moving and professional cleaning

- Household robots: existing systems and future possibilities

- Human and robot: hand in hand at the factory of the future

- Computer vision robots: benefits and application

- Risk assessment of robotics safety

- Panel discussion on UAV

- Systematic integration of robotics

- Market predictions: key trends of robotics development

- Using the open software in commercial robotics

- New materials involved in manufacturing of robots

- Cloud robotics: how the new generation of robots could use the wireless network, big data, machine self-education, and the Internet of Things, to improve operation and task efficiency