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Lately the world of robotics has undergone some major changes: the emergence of 3D printing, AR-technology, cheaper components, crowdfunding etc. Hundreds of thousands of programmers are currently developing the applications for robots. If you do it more actively right now, there is a good chance for you to become a global leader, the experts say. Robots are the embodiment of supertechnologies that have already become a reality. And this reality you can meet on Robotics Expo 25-26 November 2017 in Moscow at ECC "Sokolniki".

First Robotics Expo was held in the fall of 2013, immediately winning positions in the market and becoming a fundamental part of global robotomania development in Russia. Exhibition was given coverage by: Russia 1, Russia Today, Moskva 24, Forbes, LifeNews, The Village and others.

The first day of the exhibition will be of B2B format. The next two days the exhibition will be open to everybody interested.

Key exhibition sections:

- Industrial robotics (loading/unloadingrobots, robotsfor materials handling, weldingrobots, assembly robots, inspection robotsandothermanufacturingmachines)
- Roboticssystems, softwareandcomponents
- Professional service robots (military robots, control systems, agricultural robots, mobile platforms for common use)
- Personal service robots (vacuum-cleaning robot, medical, entertainment, humanoid and educational robots, sports assisting robots)
- UAV zone (UAV’s, copters, drones)
- CoBots (Collaborative robots)
- 3D zone
- AR and VR zone
- Wearable tech zone

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