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  • Robotics developers: industrial robots, household robots. Robots for business, telepresence robots, robotic toys, personal robots, lifekeeping robots etc.
  • Software and hardware developers for robots.
  • Electronics and computer equipment manufacturers.
  • Manufacturers of parts and accessories for robots.
  • Representatives of the science intensive and creative industries.
  • Digital & Big Data companies.
  • Big industrial companies of the wide-line profile with technological solutions at the production.
  • Venture industries.
  • Robotics startups representatives (possibility to present your strategies and business plans to private investors and governmental financial institutions).


Experience has shown that exhibition helps to attract new clients, establish business connections, share experience with foreign colleagues, create bilateral cooperation with leading global companies without going abroad.
Participation in Robotics Expo will give you the possibility to:

  • findnewcustomers.
  • increaseclientsloyalty.
  • networking.
  • demonstrateandpromotewidearrayofproductsandservices;
  • large scale opportunities of business program and exhibition will make it possible to create your own event, demonstrating your activity and engagement in the industry development;
  • discover the robotics market and its competition, estimate the marketing potential of business;
  • keep up with innovations and new technologies;
  • find possible agents and distributors.

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