Robotics Expo 2015 Results

On November 20-22, Sokolniki ECC hosted the third International Exhibition Robotics Expo 2015, which brought together top scientists, manufacturers and suppliers in the field of robotics.

This year, the event organizer Smile-Expo has surprised visitors with a grand scale of the exhibition in comparison with the previous years. The first day of the event (November 20th), was focused on entrepreneurs interested in the use of new technologies and robotics in their business. On November 21 - 22, 2015, Robotics Expo doors were open to all comers.

During the exhibition, visitors were amazed by a huge number of participants, among which was Vector Group with their KUKA industrial robot and Jedi battles with laser swords. Yaskawa, FAM Robotics and Fanuc also demonstrated the latest trends in the sphere of industrial robots. Intelligent Stewart Limited has appeared before the Russian audience for the first time having brought from China its developments: head-mounted display, as well as a fellow robot for children, which can serve as a security system in a house. Quantum Systems, the Gold Sponsor of Robotics Expo 2015, has presented for the first time a robot that is able to create a landscape design.

“We have been involved in development for one year and a half, and Robotics Expo is our first demonstration of an industrial robot Gardy. The level of the exhibition lived up to expectations; if we have new developments next year, we will be here again!”

All visitors paid their attention to multifunctional robots by Alex Robotics, which are able to talk, sing songs, read poetry, and even make jokes. R.Bot, Boteon, AlfaRobotics (introduced KIKI robot for the first time) and Neurobotics presented telepresence robots and humanoid robots.

Educational robotics Edu-Craft, Roboworks and Robosis, interactive areas of drones and 3D technology were able to work up a boom, as there was the opportunity to test all the technologies and gadgets on the site.

This year, the emphasis has been given to industrial robotics and UAVs, which became a leitmotif of both the exhibition and the conference.

As part of the III Robotics Conference, which was held on November 20 - 21, more than 20 top speakers presented their reports and unique projects. On the first day, the following speakers presented their reports: Aleksandr Chulok (ISSEK HSE), Jean Kolesnikov (IDS Innovation), Maksim Baskakov (Robomow), Dmitriy Postelnik (Autodesk), Maksim Gashkov (Innopolis University) and others.

Marco Bruni (BQ) has aptly noted, “Today's world has changed a lot, but we have not understood yet that buying something is no longer fashionable, it is trendy to create things. Robots are designed to help us to do something, not just to carry out our work.”

The conference involved a round table that was organized jointly with Skolkovo Fund on "Robots with machine vision: advantages and application." Aleksey Yashkin (FANUC Russia), Dmitriy Kapishnikov (KUKA Robotics), Ivan Frolov (Vector Group) and Andrey Azarov (Anizoprint) attended the discussion. Vladimir Turtikov (Skolkovo) was a moderator.

Aleksey Yashkin has noted that the next stage in the development of robotics, to which all industrial companies will move, is to make robots have feelings (recognition of human emotions), as well as facial expressions and gestures. Andrey Azarov has spoken about the necessity of development of the robots vision system.

During the second day of the conference the following experts shared their experience: Yekaterina Bereziy (Exoatlet), Oleg Kupervasser (Transist Video LLC), Dmitry Suvorov (Quantum Systems), Maria Tuchina and Olga Elkina (Russia 2045), Yekaterina Yadova (Moscow Business School, Generation S), and others.

Boris Yaremin who represented Center of breakthrough research “Information Technologies in Medicine” talked about the work on the creation of artificial intelligence, "The task of the AI is to solve complex human tasks quickly and accurately. Those tasks that we consider simple are more complicated than complex integrals from the standpoint of artificial intelligence. In addition, the scientist said, "The evolution of our system should not take place somewhere on the computer, but in the physical world. After all, artificial intelligence, no matter how hard you try, could not repeat individuality of a person, entirely guess their future wants and needs and fully explore them."

Konstantin Deblikov, who lost his upper limbs 2 years ago, has a fulfilling life with the help of such innovative invention as bioelectric prosthesis. He said, "There are from 30 to 40 thousand amputations carried out in Russia every year. It is important that all the people who have gone through this have the opportunity to receive prosthesis; but to begin with, they should know where to find them."

Oleg Ponfilenko (Copter Express), Danila Shaposhnikov (AT Energy), Anton Gurov (Byrobot), Vladimir Spinco (Aeroxo) and Andrew Sholohovich (Small Drones Association) attended the panel session on UAVs.

Summing up. Robotics Expo 2015 has impressed all the guests with its scale and diversity. 3 days of the largest exhibition on robotics and advanced technology, a two-day conference, Speed dealing area for investors and start-ups, open lectures, workshops for children, copters contest Hot Copter Challenge and  robots fighting were combined at the site of the event. In the evenings on November 21 - 22, visitors were amazed by the headliners of Robotics show - The killers of robots, which demonstrated the reunification of robots and humans, and by LazerDanceStudio, which took over the audience with its Lazerman.

The organizers are grateful to all participants, sponsors, partners and, of course, visitors for having become a part of such a grand event, which sometimes is able to open incredible possibilities of modern robotics - Robotics Expo 2015!

See you next year!

November 25-26 2017 we are waiting for you:
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