Due to their multiple functions and the technology used in these new robots are currently unique on the international market. Since 2013, these robots have served thousands of people in dozens of cocktail parties and exhibitions in France and in Europe. This humanoid service robot with telepresence, you can communicate from anywhere in the world via your robot that will become your robotic avatar.



Solowheel is suitable for aggressive yet safe way of driving across the off-road and cross country. This is a real breakthrough in the monowheel segment!

Comfortableslip-proof pedals, front and back signal lights. Drivers and pedestrians would see you even in the dark!


First devices of such kind emerged 20 years ago. Robomow is produced in Israel, previously known as Frendly Robotics.

All robotic lawn movers have obstaclesensors, same as robotic vacuum cleaners. Stones, curbs and trees are defined by the lawn mower as an obstacle and steered around. Robomow can cut 30 Ares on one charge, has collision and rain sensors, can be programmed by day of the week, has multizone mode and lots of other useful functions, that we’d like to keep in secret for now, as not to leave everyone else too far behind.


SelfieBot is a smart holder for iOS/Android/Windows phone or tablet. SelfieBot simplifies video calling and shooting selfie photos using mobile devices, turning them into smart gadgets. Now you don’t have to hold your mobile phone (tablet) in the hand in order to make a video call or a photo. This multifunctional device can be used both at home and at work. 


Big wheeled robot TruckBot was created for local delivery of small cargos. All you have to do is to sit and wait untill it brings the parcel. 


Robot-waiter platform is intended for delivery of objects. It is remotely controlled over the Internet, receives and processes data from several sensors, as well as a video signal from a camera in order to take decisions on further actions. Robotic platform consists of two parts – Robot and Operator. 

DIY graver

DIY graver is a graving kit from Endurance Company. It will help to bring to life any idea of an avid geek or maker, or any volunteer. 


Universal robot for crowded places: it is able to provide navigation assistance, advice on various issues, differentiate a particular good from other, broadcast promotional materials. The robot was designed to increase sales and collect relevant context information about people it contacts with.


The first Russian robot with extended functionality of verbal and nonverbal communication that has no analogues in our country. It works according to predetermined scenario, maintenance is inexpensive and it is failsafe. 

Intelligent Steward Limited

Being an innovative global company, Intelligent Steward Limited is engaged in the development and production of intelligent devices, following the principles of innovation process restructuring to assist the developers in realization of the true business values.

Intelligent Steward Limited aims to reduce the distance between the future and the present, and provide general consuming public around the world with possibilities to enjoy a really nice innovative technology experience at more reasonable prices.

At the exhibition you will learn about smart home and virtual reality developments.


The main competence of PlayDisplay is to communicate information to consumer spectacularly, clearly and visually through interactive communication. Over 100 projects were realized using augmented reality technology.

Every visitor will be able to breathe life into his or her pieces of work at the company booth.  


Company started to develop a large project in the sphere of robotics, called R.BOT, in 2008. Telepresence robots help people, many of them are used by the disabled people, who got the opportunity to work, learn and the most important – to move for the first time in their life.

Get acquainted with telepresence robots at the exhibition! 



Humanoid robot FURO-D can communicate with people with the help of voice. It talks thanks to speech synthesis technology. Promo robot is intended for interactive communication with visitors at events and in public places: airports, banks, restaurants, shopping and entertainment centers, medical centers, hotels and offices. Promo robot’s capability to expand the knowledgebase and elaborate the logic of dialogues makes FURO-D a marketing instrument, which can actively and softly promote products and services. 


DARwIn-MINI is a compact humanoid robot, which can be controlled using smartphone, tablet or PC. Due to handy software DARwIn-MINI is simple to use. Moreover, the standard configuration can be easily extended with the help of various sensors, for example gyroscope, security bumpers, etc. It is an excellent robot for both experienced and beginning engineers. 


Dynamic anthropomorphic robot that possesses intelligence, realized on an open platform. DARwIn-OP is a compact humanoid robot that represents a unique robotic platform intended for scientific researches, developments as part of learning process, and that can be undoubtedly used for all possible kinds of entertainment, for example – organization of contests among similar models. 


Bioloid is equipped with different sensors, including gyroscope, proximity sensor and IR module. It can be remotely controlled through IR or Zigbee modules. Bioloid comes with RoboPlus software that teaches the robot to make new movements, and software that provides an opportunity for low-level programming in C language. Robot is produced using unique servo motors Dynamixel, united into a single network that provides control accuracy and simplicity in connection of new modules.
Bioloid will become an excellent friend and assistant in learning. 


Robot TIME-D was created for communication with people and providing promotional and entertaining services. It has an attractive design and user-friendly interface. 


iClebo robotic vacuum cleaners for home are notable for high quality of cleaning, advanced specifics and using the navigation system to build up a room map.iClebo has a room visual control camera. Add to that a lithium ion battery without the memory effect and the lowest noise level among all competitors, and you get a clear winner on the assisting robots market.


AI Pet Companion Robot.

Features include: leading indoor navigation planning, sports control and remote control functionalities, facial recognition and voiceprint with high-efficiency. It is the next generation intelligent robot combining amusement and accompany.