Speakers and presentations

Anton Dzhoraev
Professional Solutions Sr. Sales Manager, NVIDIA
Stanislav Berelavichus
Senior research associate, Candidate of Medical Science, Federal Government Budgetary Institution A. V. Vishnevskiy Institute of Surgery, MPA Medical Partners


Stanislav Berelavichus, senior research scientist, Department of general abdominal surgery, A. V. Vishnevskiy Institute of Surgery

In 1999 he graduated from N.I. Pirogov Moscow State Medical Institute.

Performs the full range of operations of abdominal cavity organs. He specializes in minimally invasive surgery. Repeatedly took internships in leading centers for laparoscopic surgery and robotic surgery in Europe and the United States. In 2004 he passed Ph.D. defense on: "Laparoscopic-assisted interventions in acute adhesive small bowel obstruction". Participated in development and implementation of the first in our country robotic operations on abdominal organs. He is currently working on writing doctoral thesis  on: "Robot-assisted surgery in abdominal surgery".

Delivers lectures. Associate Professor, Department of Surgical Diseases of the Faculty of Basic Medicine, M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Grigory Shkolnikov
Business Development Director, KUKA Robotics

KUKA Robotics is a German company, manufacturer of industrial robots. The company is one of the three leading suppliers on the global market of industrial automotive robots and the leading provider on the European market. KUKA has 25 subsidiary companies in USA, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, India and almost all European countries, mainly these are sales and maintenance branches. KUKA is short for Keller und Knappich Augsburg and a registered trademark for industrial robots and other projects.

KUKA industrial robots also found their application in different manufacturing spheres. In general, they’re being used for processing materials, loading and unloading of cargos, palletizing, dot welding and gas-shielded welding. KUKA  industrial robots are being used by GM, Chrysler, Ford, Porsche, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Ferrari, Harley-Davidson, Boeing, Siemens, STIHL, IKEA, Swarovski, Wal-Mart, Nestlé, Budweiser, BSN medical, Coca-Cola and lots of other companies.

Industrial robots are also often can be seen in movies. In James Bond’s “Die Another Day”, KUKA robots have been used in the Ice Castle in Iceland and their laser beams threatened NSA- Jinx’s life (Halle Berry). In “The Da Vinci Code” KUKA robot gave Tom Hanks a container with cryptex.

KUKA also developed Robocoaster, world’s first industrial robot for moving people, used in entertainment parks.

In 2004, KUKA Roboter installed an assembly line with 350 robots at AvtoVAZ for making Lada Kalina. The most modern assembly equipment will be used for manufacturing Lada Granta, including KUKA robots for installation of glass.

On March 11, 2014, multiple champion Timo Boll played ping pong with industrial robot Kuka Agilus KR 6 R900 sixx.

Maxim Baskakov
Brand Manager, Robomow Russia

Brand manager at the company manufacturing lawn-mowers Robomow

Graduated from: 

Power plant engineering department of Bauman Moscow State Technical University (1995—2001)

Law department of Bauman Moscow State Technical University (1999—2002)

Robomow-Russia, manufacturer of household robotics. Company products are in demand on many global markets, including Europe, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Pavel Krivozubov
LabVIEW and integrated systems development manager, National Instruments

National Instruments Corporation, or NI, is an American company with international operation. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, it is a producer of automated test equipment and virtual instrumentation software. Common applications include data acquisition, instrument control and machine vision.

In 2012, the company sold products to more than 35,000 companies with revenues of $1.12 billion USD.

Konstantin Yakovlev
Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Institute of System Analysis at Russian Academy of Sciences

Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Senior Researcher, Laboratory "Dynamic Intelligent Systems" Institute for Systems Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Senior Lecturer of Department "Mathematical Methods of System Analysis" of Institute for Systems Analysis of the Russian Academy of Sciences at the Faculty of Computer Science of the School of Economics

Member of the Scientific Council of the Russian Association for Artificial Intelligence

Organizer of the All-Russian research and practice seminar "Unmanned vehicles with elements of artificial intelligence"

Captain of team AI-Drone - finalist of the first Russian competition of flying robots "CROC 2013: depart and return"


Research interests:

artificial intelligence, intelligent control systems, intelligent dynamic systems, robotics, automated planning, heuristic search, multi-agent systems, cognitive agents.

Short biography:

In 2004 he got his Bachelor degree at Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. Specialization - applied mathematics and computer science. His bachelor thesis is dedicated to  methods and algorithms of machine aided cognition.


In 2006, has got his Master's degree at Physics and Mathematics Faculty of Peoples' Friendship University of Russia. Specialization - applied mathematics and computer science. Master's thesis is dedicated to development of heuristic scheduling methods to improve the efficiency of diagnostic and treatment facilities.

In 2011 he defended his thesis on "Research of methods and development of algorithms for automatic path planning on the plane" (specialty 05.13.17 - foundations of informational science, physics and mathematics).


From 2004 to 2006 he worked as a software developer in CPCR-Express (the largest logistics operator in the Russian market).

From 2006 to 2011 he delivered lecturers in his  alma mater – Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia.

Since 2006 worked (part-time) at the Institute of Systems Analysis, Russian Academy of Sciences (ISA RAS).

In 2011 he was added to the staff of ISA RAS, where he works now. Current position - senior research scientist.

Since 2014 works (part-time) in Higher School of Economics at the Department of Computer Science.

Oleg Kupervasser
Algoritm Group Leader, LG ELECTRONICS
Oleg Ponfilenok
CEO and chief engineer, Copter Express

CopterExpress CEO and chief engineer. Degree of physicist, graduated from MIPT in 2010. Last 6 years he runs several technology businesses. In June 2014 CopterExpress launched the world's first pizza delivery using drones.


Danone, ABBYY, Mail.ru Group, KIA, Yota, IBM, Nissan, Google Russia, Beeline, Johnson & Johnson, Mars, Siemens and others.


Mikhail Tyulkin
Candidate of Technical Sciences, assistant professor, project leader, Robot Control Technologies
Sumeeti Mittal
Founder Director, RoboGalaxy (India)

Sumeeti Mittal
Founder Director
She founded a robotic company with name RoboGalaxy which is an e-learning portal. Set up a robotic
lab which is catering grade 3 to grade 12 students. Course and lab is designed in such a way that it caters
engineering students too. This is a new concept for Jaipur, India where lab is open for students to build
and create innovations solutions with robots. (http://www.robogalaxy.com)
Sumeeti is the co-founder of PSI and has over 14 years of leadership experience in the ICT industry.
Under her leadership, PSI has realized its potential while expanding the service portfolio for newer
markets and segments. Sumeeti has conceptualized and built new competencies for PSI’s business
processes in the areas of ISO processes, quality, customer satisfaction and over all administration. She
has also started and built voice and process based solutions for Travel Industry.
Sumeeti has a unique quality to initiate sustainable value to the PSI ecosystem. One of her biggest
contributions to PSI is setting up of a fully independent IT training & finishing school. Christened as “VTechnos”,
the organization is aimed at polishing 5000 young dynamic engineering graduates in a year.
She started PRATHAM SHIKSHA for under privileged children in the year 2005 and in a short span of 6
years, the school has imparted basic education and higher education to 600 underprivileged students
from slum areas. One of the most proud moments was, when one of her students got selected through
engineering entrance examination (AIEEE) and is now studying IT specialization at a reputed engineering
college. (http://www.prathamshiksha.org)
After completing her graduation she got selected in RPSC Examination and worked as Assistant Engineer
in PHED (Public health and Engineering department) for Government of the state of Rajasthan. She left
the job to co-founded PSI with her husband, Puneet in the year 2000. She is also PMP certified.
Sumeeti is a Bachelor in Engineering from M.B.M Engineering College, Jodhpur (India). She is in
Executive Committee of FICCI (FLO) Jaipur Chapter.
She loves painting, music and learning about culture and religions of different part of world. One of her
passion is interior designing and she intends to pursue architecture & interior designing sometime in the

Nikolay Pak
Head of Open engineer community, League Robots

Master’s degree in Informatics and Computing, Novosibirsk State Technical University. Uses Eastern approach and philosophy, problems solving on the example of robotics.

Expert and Chief of Russian Association of Educational Robotics regional office. Coach of Russian national robotics team, first category judge, Chairman of World Robot Olympiad organizing committee in Novosibirsk.

Maxim Vasiliev
President, Russian Association of Educational Robotics

Came into robotics industry after graduation from the university, having taken doctoral degree program at the same time. Has been organizing the first robotics contest for students in Russia -- International robot contest. The number of participating teams increased from 16 (in 2002) to 4,000 (in 2014).

Since 2004, has been a Chairman of Russian World Robot Olympiad (WRO) organizing committee, and chief trainer of Russian team at WRO worldwide series.

Throughout the years, Maksim has been a co-organizer of events like “Mobile robots” festival, “Robotics” exhibition, Russian Robot Olympiad, “Robofest”, “Informatics and Robotics in the National Congress Palace”, Russian national conference “Educational methodology for basics of Robotics”, Russian national science festival, “Robomir” festival, Russian national robotics Olympiad etc. Besides organizational activities, Maksim has been active in teaching and science. Since 2002, he has been providing advanced training for teachers in the sphere of robotics that have helped more than 400 teachers from Moscow and more than 500 from other regions of Russia.

Andrey Prokofyev
Research supervisor, Ball of Robots
Vyacheslav Kravtsov
Company projects executive, RBOT

Born in 1964 in Moscow.

Graduated from Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics in 1986 with a degree in Radio Engineering. Till 2005, has been developing and integrating automated business management systems.


Since 2005, has been heading various segments in the company, and since 2010, has been leading RBOT projects related to security, video surveillance and robotics systems.


Since 2010, has been responsible for promotion of popular interactive mobile robots R.BOT 100 in Russia and abroad.

Andrey Novikov
Business Development Director, NaviRobot

Market analysis, study of consumer needs, business models development.

Experience of ready-made and developed product management from creating concept to market launch and sales development.

Experience of online services project management (including technical specifications design) and telematics web platforms integration, including on the foreign markets (India, UAE).

Launch of more than 300 new products related to foreign professional measurement and control equipment on the Russian market.


National Research University - Moscow Power Engineering Institute. All-Russian Research and Development Institute for Cable Industry. Master’s degree in Technology. Technical translator from/into English.

Roman Zhukov
CEO, Wicron

Since 2012 Wicron is engaged in development and promotion of remote presence robot Webot.

Webot is a telepresence robot and a set of online services that allow a person to act at the location of the robot, using computer and Internet. Robot allows you to remotely observe the scene, talk to people, see the world, move around at the speed of person walking.

Market application:

Remote consultations in shopping facilities.


Entertaining customers


Alexander Slovak
Application Engineer, MathWorks

The MathWorks, Inc., (branded as simply MathWorks), is an American privately held corporation that specializes in mathematical computing software. Its major products include MATLAB and Simulink. As of April 2014, it employed over 3,000 people worldwide with 70% located at the company's headquarters in Natick, Massachusetts, USA.

MathWorks was founded in Portola Valley, California, by Jack Little (President & CEO), Cleve Moler (Chief Scientist), and Steve Bangert (now inactive) on December 7, 1984. Its flagship product, MATLAB, made its public debut at the IEEE Conference on Decision and Control in Las Vegas, Nevada, that same year. The company sold its first order, 10 copies of MATLAB, for $500 to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in February 1985.

Main campus in Natick

In 1986, MathWorks relocated to Massachusetts moving into its current headquarters in Natick in July 1999. In 2007, MathWorks acquired Polyspace Technologies  and started including the Polyspace products in their MATLAB releases in 2008. In 2008, MathWorks acquired SciFace Software GmbH & Co. KG, makers of MuPAD, and started including MuPAD in their Symbolic Math Toolbox, replacing the existing Maple engine. In 2013, MathWorks acquired Steepest Ascent, makers of LTE Toolbox. MathWorks expanded its main campus in Massachusetts with the purchase of further buildings in 2008-2009 and 2013.

Valeriya Komissarova
Business Development Director, Grishin Robotics
Ekaterina Bereziy
Founder and CEO, ExoAtlet

Graduated from Mechanics and Math department of Moscow State University, has robots development experience.

MBA degree

Graduated from the Academy of National Economy

Tatiana Shagova
PR manager, PICASO 3D

About the company:

PICASO 3D is the first 3D printers manufacturer in Russia. The company has been founded in 2011. Key fields of activity – development and manufacturing of 3D printing devices with more advanced characteristics options than their foreign analogies.

Arkadiy Yushchenko
Doctor of Engineering, professor, Department Chairman, Bauman Moscow State Technical University

Automatic control, robotics and ergonomics specialist.

Author of more than 200 research papers, including 6 monographies.

State award winner in the field of education. Chairman’s Deputy of Research and Instructional Methodology Council of Russian Federation Universities in specialists training 221000 “Mechatronics and robotics”. Editor in chief’s Deputy of scientific and technical magazine “Mechatronics, automation, control” (“Мехатроника, автоматизация, управление”), Robotic Systems Department Chairman in Moscow State Technical University.

His main scientific interests are: interaction between human and intelligent robotics, fuzzy logic application for organization of human-robot interaction, use of biological behavior prototypes for robot control, development of artificial intelligent objects activity theory.

Mariya Tuchina / Olga Elkina
Head of press / Regional Development Coordinator, Social movement "Russia 2045"
Alexander Khanin
CEO, VisionLabs

He graduated from Bauman MSTU with honors, "Special robotics"

Specializes in projects for pattern recognition. Designed several commercial systems for cars registration number recognition and face recognition systems. VisionLabs founder and CEO.


Evgeniy Tulubenskiy
Consulting Expert, Autodesk

Tulubenskiy Eugeniy

Promising young research engineer, whose research interests lie in the field of computer-aided design, aerodynamics and durability.

Eugeniy Tulubenskiy is Autodesk expert consultant (the world's largest provider of software for engineers, architects and designers), and graduate student of the Department "Heat Engines" of Bryansk State Technical University. Before he with honors graduated from the Faculty of Energy and Electronics of this university. He started to study CAD systems in Bauman MSTU, where he studied the first two years, at the same time working in center of prototyping at the University. Multiple winner of international competitions, including those on effective use of CAD, environmentally-sustainable design and energetics. For two years in succession he won the all-Russian Autodesk contest in category Engineering analysis (Engineering). Won grant of the President of the Russian Federation.

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